Thu 19 Jan 2012

Minny Pops - Standstill to Motion Tour 2012

Support acts: Rats on Rafts & Jack and the Beanstalks

Doors: 7:00 pm / Price:
/ Age: 18+ / Booking Fee: £1.00
This event is no longer on sale. Tickets will be available on the door unless the event has sold out.

"Incendiary Magazine presents:


Playing live in 2012 for the first time in 30 years, Dutch electro pioneers and Factory Records artists MINNY POPS took their name from the primitive Korg drum machine that propelled their stark, compelling post-punk rhythms. Their association with Factory saw them tour with Joy Division and New Order, work with producer Martin Hannett, and become the first Dutch group to record a Peel session, all in a touring lifespan of just three years. These long-rumoured reformation gigs, presented by Incendiary Magazine,
will be accompanied by the January release of Standstill to Motion (LTM), a live CD/DVD package documenting 1981 performances in Amsterdam and New York.

“Their cold menace sounds remarkably fresh, bearing favourable comparisons with contemporaries such as Simple Minds and Tubeway Army as well as the current crop of analogue pretenders.” (Uncut). “The Interpol of their day, and it's aged surprisingly well" (Q). “Minny Pops soldered fizzy, crackling electronics to stern, robotic post-punk; despite the precious name, they were harsh and confrontational, relentlessly and
unapologetically cold. A striking and volatile anomaly." (eMusic)."

"RATS ON RAFTS are a young band from Rotterdam and their style has been compared to a mix of Post Punk and New Wave with elements of C86 by an excitable press. Comparisons to The Fire Engines, The Chameleons and The Specials and have also been bandied about. The band swear spiritual allegiance to the Rotterdam's New Wave, Pop and Punk scenes with one proviso, the weirder the better.

"If only John Peel was still alive today they would be doing a session for him next week." - John Robb (Louder Than War)"

"JACK AND THE BEANSTALKS are one the most vibrant and exciting unsigned bands from the North of England. They are influenced by Krautrock, Rockabilly, Post-Punk, 60’s soul and 60’s garage rock and odd pop records. They do not consider themselves - or their ‘Beanstalks’ sound - to be slave to any genre, although they have been described as the “the best garage band I have seen in my history of being in Sheffield” (Russell Senior of Pulp). "